Saturday, 30 June 2007

Building Castles in Spain ....

It is strange where the mind can take you as you idly sift through your experiences with a view to writing them down. I have just returned to the UK from a trip to Spain - a much needed break, a chance to unwind and catch up with my sister and visit with friends in Gibraltar. Sitting here now, alone, on one of the coldest, wettest, most depressing days of an English summer I have ever known, I long for the warm touch of the Spanish sun on my skin and the embrace of family and friends.

Day dreaming is a great escape of course and I am reminded of a phrase that I came across in French class at grammar school when I was in my teens - "Châteaux en Espagne" - building castles in Spain the equivalent of building castles in the air, day-dreaming about about visionary projects and achieving the unattainable. But more than that, Spain was seen as the region of romance in French literature of the 13th century. The phrase embodied a burning hope for, and desire of lovers to have a place of retreat, a secluded spot, a stronghold - isolated from the prying eyes of the curious and all the irritating forces of the world, where love could be freely expressed and carried to its blissful conclusion.

Spain is indeed a land of dramatic scenery, vibrant colour, passionate people and proud traditions. More of this in coming days - but for now I admit that I have fallen in love with Spain and what I discovered there - yes I have lost my heart and I just hope that someone finds it and keeps it safe until I return ...

Más a venir

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Mel said...

Wow--sounds like you had a nice vacation! I need a vacation... scratch that--I just need someone to come and figure out all my loans and stuff for school for me!!! Anyhow, I take it you're doing well? Tanned, perhaps? *is still quite white*