Saturday, 23 June 2007

Rocking at Glastonbury ....

No, sadly not me ... but David Hewlett's movie A Dog's Breakfast which will be shown to thousands of festival-goers at Glastonbury 2007 this weekend. Poor David couldn't make it to join in the fun in the mud because of filming for Stargate Atlantis back in Vancouver - but he recorded this outrageous intro for the movie screening- take a look:

Here's hoping everyone enjoys the film and the rain and the mud and has a fantastic time -- me - I am lucky enough to be on holiday in Spain where it is hot, sunny, dry and gorgeous and the wettest thing I have to worry about is where my next glass of wine is coming from!!

For those of you who haven't seen the movie yet or who have and want to watch it again and again, well you can now pre-order A Dog's Breakfast at - woohoo!! It isn't released until September but, hey that's not so far away!

Enjoy the mud at Glastonbury, or turn the music up loud and the sprinklers on and make love not war in your own back yard - it's all good .....

Peace AMx


Mel said...

Oh, gosh--I love that vid! The more I see of David, the more I want to meet him. I pre-ordered the movie. Mwahahaha! It's mine!!!! Well... kinda.

Now, I must ask: Do you know what the "No Toilet Paper" is all about??

Oh, and glad to hear you're enjoying Spain. Are D and Titch with you?

Geoff said...

It was wonderful to meet you here in EspaƱa. Are you going to put a blog entry up about your holiday maybe?