Friday, 1 June 2007

Just Testing ...

OK - I know it is possible to email posts to a Blog - I guess you could do this by phone while on the move. Could I be bothered - what could I possibly be doing the the world simply had to know before I had a chance to get home, grab a drink and and put my feet up to Blog from the comfort of my laptop???

Several scenarios leap to mind I suppose - all pretty grizzly and/or life-threatening - Mmm, no let's not go there.

Oh well - just in case I ever need to Blog on the run as 'twere - I wonder if this has been successful. Well if you are reading this then it has - and if you're not ... er ... Mmm ... well I guess I'm talking to myself (so what's new ... )

This is me - reporting from somewhere - under the duvet ...

Oh yes, I knew there was some point to this Blogette - check out the new Sanctuary episode now showing on YouTube

Remember that for a very, very modest sum you can watch and download fabulous HD versions from the Sanctuary For All website

Night, night and happy June ...

1 comment:

Mel said...

You talk to yourself, too?? LOL Think maybe it's an insomniac thing? *makes mental note to ask insomniatic friends*

Well... it worked! (your experiment, that is. I've no clue about the talking to yourself)

Have a good one!