Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Art for Art's Sake ...

For no particular reason other than the fact that I can - I thought I would show you a few ATC's. What are those I hear you cry as you run through a series of possible candidates for the acronym in your head ...
Well wonder no more dear friends - an ATC is no more no less than an Artist's Trading Card - a sort of glorified business card if you like. The idea is that the artist makes them, sticks his or her contact details on the reverse and leaves them around the world in bars, restaurants and the like - free art for all with the slight (very slight) possiblity of picking up some work, as a result of this self advertisment, along the way.
Well that was the original concept - now of course the world and his wife make ATC's and take them along to swap meets and collect them in purpose made folders, and submit them to magazines for publication and exhibit them and all sorts of things like that. One tradition that has survived however - ATC's cannot be bought or sold, it is free art made for its own sake.

Me, I just make them for my own amusement and to share with friends.


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Mel said...

Ooh! That's really cool, Amararti!