Monday, 7 May 2007

Days Off Are Dangerous ...

Ooookaaay ... this what happens when you have free time & a sore throat and are consequently hepped up on cold remedies ... I feel no pain --- but I'm sure to hate myself in the morning ...


Yo Slug White Nerd
we hear what you say.
You give us the word
and the freedom to play
on the Forum you created
to get your Movie rated
by all who drop by
to give it a try.
You Blog and we comment
and MySpace - we're on it!
And then there's Technorati
Hell yes, we'll join the party!
Visit Mars there on Dogster
what else are your fans 'fur'?
Oblivious to flames
and accused of playing games,
you write it,
we Digg it,
and watch your back
and take the flak
from the misanthropic minds
of the cynics on the Web.
And now there is Twitter
And what could be fitter,
for the biggest geek we know,
to keep us posted on the show
by using his cell
to save us from the hell
of not knowin'
what he's doin'
every minute of the day.
So ... hey ...
we're all on the hook,
an' that's clever in my book,
all waitin' to see
your illusive movie.
So quit messin' about
tell us when it's comin' out?
For Real...

by Amararti

... and may I offer this heartfelt apology to all who thought they knew me ....
;) you know the rest ...


Mel said...

Okay... Amararti, those cold remedies don't happen to have alcohol in them, do they? LOL

It's good, though--I can almost feel rhythm.


amararti said...

Noooooooooooo ... oh, well just a little ... maybe *lol* ... feeling much better now though. Thanks for the comment.

Mel said...

Well, as long as it makes you feel better... LOL.

Glad to hear it!