Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Perils of Fatherhood ...

Would Rodney McKay (SGA) make a good father?

We may never find out - unless the script writers resurrect a storyline abandoned in the planning of season 4 (if Joe Mallozzi is to be believed -- and I can never be quite certain when he is joking). McKay has always seemed to be as allergic to kids as he (supposedly) is to lemons. But, just as an actual allergy to citric acid, given its presence in all mamalian life forms (remember the Krebs Cycle?) is almost unheard of -- maybe Rodney's intolerence to children would also prove insubstanial as his need for a family makes itself felt.

We may never know, but there again:

Someday ... Maybe ...

Yes, yes, I know that we once children were.
But really 'tis a time best left forgot.
The adult world I really much prefer,
so please don't face me with some snot-nosed tot.

Maybe they should remain inside a cage
To save them from themselves, you understand,
Until they've gained more suitable an age
to pay their way and lend a helping hand.

But here is one that greets me with such glee,
and as I look down on her upturned face,
her little arms wrapped tight about my knee,
that look of love fair makes my poor heart race.

That tiny hand in mine does not feel bad,
Know what? I'd someday like to be called ... Dad

by Amararti
(inspired by 'McKay & Mrs Miller')

McKay a father ... imagine that ...

There are however perils and pitfalls to be considered, sleepness nights and 4am feeds, diapers, teething, tantrums ... riding the carousel (again Daddy!) with a smile even though your adult inner ear has matured to a point where motion sickness is a very real concern ... and then there is ice skating ... you've skied down black runs many times so how hard can donning a pair of skates and taking to the ice really be? Anything for her ... who could resist those big green eyes, that impish smile ...

Two hours later, from A&E you phone your (wiser, much wiser) better half ... "um - the doc says it's broken in three places ... "

And later - your right arm in plaster to the elbow ... your broken wrist aching like a son-of-a-bitch - you ponder ...

Was it worth it?

Who Could Resist
For her ... for that smile ...

Of course it was.

To all the Dads out there, you're doing a great job - keep it up ...

( ... and yes, my day has been kind of ... interesting ... )


Mel said...

Oh! That was a very sweet thought! And an adorable picture of Titch.

Yes, all you dads--thanks a bunch!!

Shawna said...

Heh. Very interesting note about the citrus. I hadn't considered that. I really do hope they make that relevant one of these days. Maybe an alternate universe where McKay dies from a lemon? Anyway, I liked your little ruminations on McKay as a father. Maybe sometime we'll actually get to see what it would be like.