Friday, 4 May 2007

Stuck in a Dark, Dark, Room ...

Oh but it has been a tedious week. Thank goodness today is Friday although admittedly only 1:20 or so in the morning so still quite a bit of tediousness to get through before the weekend. I have been teaching or lecturing all week, one of my several jobs - (one day I really must decide what I want to do when I grow up) - a five day course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Analysis. OK for those of you who have dropped off to sleep - WAKE UP!!!!

Actually it is very interesting, and a very cool and sexy piece of software - but then I am a total geek and I also get paid loads to sit and play with said cool software on a computer all day and talk a lot at people who hang off my every word *smile*. So what is the tedious bit you ask - well several things really:
  • Firstly - having to "dress-up" for the job - not me at all.

  • Secondly - the God Awful Bloody Traffic which I have to endure, an hour into town in the rush hour and an hour back in the evening. Normally I only have to drive 15 minutes into the pretty countryside to drop my daughter off at school and then go to the Workshops where my Studio and Jane's Shop are.

  • Thirdly - the classroom at the office has one wall composed of glass windows (the whole building is made of glass in fact) but it used to get so hot in there with the computer equipment and the sun beating in through the windows that they installed permanent blackout blinds and now the room has no natural light at all. By mid-way through the day I am suffering severe light deprivation. Plus the lighting gives me a headache.

  • Fourth - the coffee comes out of a machine and is vile beyond belief, but I can't help myself.

On a lighter note the week was made much, much more bearable by the irrepressible Mr. David Hewlett and his outrageous rapping debut. This is what happens if you leave an actor waiting around a TV set for too long!

Talks fast doesn't he? Well if you didn't catch all of it and want to find out what he was on about you can read a transcript here Slug White Nerd Rap

One of the things he let slip (intentionally? - probably) was that his movie is coming out in the Fall. One can only assume he means the long awaited release of A Dog's Breakfast by MGM.

If so, Hurrah!!!

I have missed seeing it twice at the private screenings due to family circumstances.

My daughter is also excited (having seen the clips numerous times) and she it getting into training for a full on encounter with evil Patrick - as you can see!


Mel said...

Hurrah! You use the word hurrah, too! It's such an under-appreciated word. Honestly... And, and ADB coming out in the fall! *cries* Everything comes out in the fall!!!! ADB, Season 4 Atlantis, etc. Silvus!!!

Anyhow, I am in a sleep-deprivation-and-caffeine-induced hyperness, but I'll refrain from leaving a short novel in you comment section (as I've really nothing of much interest to say anyhow).


Oh--and your daughter is very wise to be prepared.

(It's coming out! It coming out! Yae!!!)

amararti said...

*Smile* - thanks Mel. Boy that was a quick response, I hadn't even finished tweeking the pic. at the end. Hurrah!! - now to catch some Zzzzzs (Geez - if if isn't 3:51 in the A.M.)

BTW - did you catch the pic. of DH in a leather jacket on JM's blog?


Mel said...

I most certainly did--though, I had to go back before I noticed because the first time I was laughing at David's zany expression.

5:00 A.M. here... Perhaps it's time for a nap?