Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Go Zach Go ...

OK - having been trapped in my car in a torrential thunderstorm for a little while there, possibly 38 minutes, I have finally escaped (sorry to all of you who were worried *gulp*). I've been trying to catch up on some work - I have two deadlines tomorrow and so it looks like another all-nighter for me *sigh* when will I learn??

So I just dropped by to post this nice little tidbit:

Zach Selwyn of G4 TV's Attack of the Show paid a visit to the set of "Stargate Atlantis". He landed a cameo role as Scientist No.2 following his fabulous rap tribute to the show.

Ok - update - it seems that G4 Media have smacked YouTube and had the video (above) removed however you can still watch a much better, higher definition version on the G4TV site.

Cool eh?


Mel said...

Ooh--I watched that! Seems like a funny guy. I can't wait for season 4!!! Between that and Dr. Who and Sanctuary, anticipation just might be the end of me. LOL

amararti said...

Know what you mean ;)
Thank God for my DVD collection.
I'm watching 'Nothing' at the moment. I love that movie ...

Mel said...

Nothing is good. I have to see that again soon.