Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Why I'll Never Be A Hand Model ...

Oh wow will you look at that it's late Wednesday night - er ... what happened to Tuesday? I could have sworn I posted an entry on Tuesday ..... ah, no ...wait ... that would be the Twitter effect - it makes you think you have been informative and erudite all day and then - hey presto - evaporates like the morning mist. Anyway how much deathless prose (or poetry) can one fit in 140 or so characters? (no that's not a challenge!!) - no wonder they invented l33t!!

I like this description of the Twitter phenomenon from TIME in partnership with CNN:

One early front runner for the title of the "YouTube of 2007" is a service called Twitter. Twitter enables you to broadcast to the world at large, via the Web or phone or instant message, tiny snippets of personal information: what you're doing, what you're about to do, what you just did, what your cat just did and so on. Twitter does the Internet equivalent of splitting the atom. It creates a unit of content even smaller and more trivial than the individual blog entry.

If you are at all interested in such things you can read the whole article at: Hyperconnected Time

So back to trivial blogging for real.

It has been a busy couple of days at the shop as we are getting ready for our Grand Open Weekend (and before you ask, no - we are not normally open weekends!) We are having 10% off all our stock for 2 days on the 12th and 13th May plus loads of half price bargains as well, we also have a 2 day sale happening in the Online Shop to coincide. It should be a busy couple of days - but the prep. is a nightmare!!! I have converted my studio into a demo area and will spend all day both days doing demonstrations of anything and everything I can think of using the crafting products we sell. Folks will be able to then take a place at one of the workstations and make something for themselves - in return they give a donation to our nominated charity.

Two more days to go and about five days worth of work to fill them with!!!

In the middle of all the setting up madness a new rep. turned up, unannounced, this afternoon. Now I fully recognise that these people have a job to do - but calling ahead to make an appointment would seem only courteous! After all your visit might not be convenient (which it wasn't!). Nevermind we try to be friendly and welcoming - but this woman was so hyper, manic even and spoke very fast at a decibel level about 10% above comfortable limits for normal indoor conversation. Added to that she seemed completely incapable of taking a hint - Well we're kind of busy right now ... no ... perhaps you could call back ... no ... well it's nice you dropped by but ... but ... er ... fine but ... *oh - just BUGGER OFF will you - my mind was screaming*. "And I plan to drop by to see you every 5 weeks ... ". Oh please God Noooooooooooo!!!

Then I had a Dentist appointment - the perfect end to a perfect day ....

So I bought a cake from the Bakery to cheer myself up. It is a Parsnip cake with Cream Cheese filling - think carrot cake but 200% more delicious. With a nod to Joe Mallozzi foodie Blogger extraordinaire - here is a picture of it:

And so ... finally ... why will I never be a hand model??

Well I thought that I would grow my nails a little and make them pretty for the coming 2 days of demos. Some hope - it never works out *sigh* see I work with my hands, I paint, I draw, I write, I spend untold hours tapping away on the computer keyboard, I do DIY, I sew, I cook ... sometimes!!

and my hands work for me and they look like they've had a hard day!!

So I'll never be a hand model ... and you know what? ... That suits me just fine!


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